Fuck yeah Ahren Stringer !
This is a fan blog, I do not pretend I am Ahren neither I pretend to know him or own anything on this blog unless I say so...
Thanks for following, and I'll be please to answer all your questions :) x

i-have-so-many-anch0rs said: Sorry I just reblogged everything from you hahaha. Ahrens face though is just to perf.

haha no prob, i totally understand ;) 

stayfucking-sailormoon said: Ahren is super cute <3

the-worst-part-is-waking-up said: the best blog <3

Aw thank you :D <3

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The Amity Affliction - Open Letter (Live In Melbourne)

The Amity Affliction by Christofer Blincoe on Flickr.

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